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logo-chanceSince 1985, Chance Language Center, located in the heart of downtown Rio de Janeiro, has been offering high-quality language tuition to adults and professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds. We also provide both in-company and on-line training, all with flexible contact hours and schedules. Instruction focuses on relevant content with authentic and individualized learning materials.

With our proven track record, Chance seeks to teach a new way of learning. This process occurs naturally in class, and it gives each participant the tools to continue learning independently, which fosters greater autonomy and provides faster results. We value transparency and clarity of communication. Our initial and ongoing assessments allow us to give you realistic expectations about the amount of training needed to successfully reach your goals.

Our services

English courses for Individuals or Small Groups

Chance offers a variety of regular courses, in addition to specialized courses geared towards developing specific skills to suit the needs of the clients. We use textbooks, films, and material available on the internet. We develop video projects created by the participants who are filmed regularly. Participants are able to assess their own progress through regular filming of video projects. Videos are also available to HR departments when follow-up on employee progress is requested.

Portuguese courses for Foreigners

The same methodology is used in our Portuguese lessons for foreigners. We believe that being fluent in more than one language can help build bridges between diverse countries and cultures. This, in turn, brings us a broader view of the world that surrounds us, enabling us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience of living and working in different parts of the world.

Translation and Interpretation Services

We are specialized in the translation and localization of texts and videos, including commercial, technical, medical and legal documents in both Portuguese and English. We also offer interpretation services:simultaneous, consecutive and whispered translation. 

In-Company Choral Training

This work has been proven to bring positive results for professionals by improving posture and lung capacity while boosting confidence in public performance.It also develops teamwork skills and accurate listening, while reducing stress. Several companies are investing in this type of activity as it not only helps to improve the work atmosphere but also brings a great return on investment in terms of employee identification with the company. It also helps raise public awareness of company brands. 


The quality and recognition of our services can be attested by our clients, ranging from diverse industries such as Accenture, Grupo Globo, KPMG, BNDES, Losango and Towers Watson to large banks, renowned insurance companies and legal firms. Whatever your demands, we will design the ideal program for you. Your investment will be rewarded with progress that truly meets your expectations.


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We will arrange an interview and you can also see our methodology in action by attending a mini-lesson, no strings attached. The lesson is free of charge when you come to our office.

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